Before settling on our final choice,our group had brainstormed different people to base our project on. We started conducting research, but found out that we weren't interested in who we had chosen. As a group, we decided to choose Dr. Seuss as our individual. We were really happy once we had settled on Dr. Seuss because we wanted to base our project on somebody who actually had a direct influence on our lives. Dr. Seuss was one of our favorite authors as children and we were eager to learn more about him.
     When we first got the project, we were given two class periods to conduct research in the library. In those two class periods, we were able to get most of our Internet sources and some print sources as well. The following week, our group went to the West Orange and San Bruno libraries to obtain more print sources. We each ended up getting ten sources, and when our group combined our sources, we ended up with more than thirty sources, which gave us a plethora of information to use. One we gathered all the sources, we met up together at Loren's house and read and analyzed all our sources.
      Our group had really wanted to try doing an exhibit, but when our teacher limited us to only a website or a documentary, the website was our preferable choice. One of us used to make web layouts for fun and figured a website would not only be the most realistic choice, but we could use it to show our knowledge and understanding of our individual, while expressing it creatively. To create the project was actually more difficult than we expected. Our group tried several different webhosting sites to find which could allow us to do exactly what we wanted. Before making the site, we also went through several drafts of what content we wanted and its arrangement.
      Theodor Geisel was an individual whose stories and cartoons left behind a legacy to America. He set the precedent for modern day children’s books through use of creative rhymes and vivid illustrations. This revolutionized the way children learn how to read. Many children still use Dr. Seuss’s books today. They are not only used in America, for they have been translated so that people all around the world can enjoy them. This shows that his legacy isn’t merely contained within America, but it lives on in other countries as well. What most people do not know about Dr. Seuss is that there is also a second part to his legacy, his efforts during WWII and major accomplishments from war propaganda.